beautiful leather bound journal

Why I’m Starting This Blog

beautiful leather bound journal

Have I ever mentioned that I have this tendency to get inspired to do something?

Like, I’ll be doing something and then suddenly, an idea would pop into my head and I’d just have to do it. That kind of thing.

Anyway, a few days ago, I was doing something (which I can’t remember now…sorry, Mr. Rohn!) and I just pulled up short and thought, I’d really like to watch Jim Rohn’s seminar right about now.

It’s this one, my curious cat.

If you haven’t watched it yet (and you should’ve by the time you’re reading this), I ask you to watch it. Preferably more than once because this is seriously the stuff that life is made of.

The information in that seminar is priceless.

Anyway, at around 2 hours and 20 minutes, Jim Rohn starts talking about the importance of capturing the day and truly locking it in so that the past serves your future well.

And your first step to doing this is by keeping a journal.

Now, I love journals and the act of journaling.

In fact, you might say that I’m a journal addict – what with the number of journals I actually own.

The problem?

None of them is full.


Because I have a slight OCD (and slight might be an understatement).

Every time I make a mistake, I have to either strike it out or use a whiteout.

And I swear to God, my brain seizes up when I have to do that.

It’s like my eyes keep snagging at the offending bit of paper, the way your tongue keeps prodding a sore tooth.

Sometimes, it gets so bad that I can’t even finish my sentence. 

Or I have to tear the page and just start another page, being extra careful this time.

The problem is that journaling for mental health – which is what I was doing – is supposed to be something akin to a brain dump. You’re supposed to be able to write quickly and without too much thought going into it.

You can see the dilemma, right?

So, I decided, I’m just going to do this online and what better way than blogging?

I know my way around it. I already have a domain that was languishing in its sad little corner of the internet without anybody paying it any attention. And I can type, erase and re-type as many words as I could ever want. 

In other words, I could write without being afraid of making mistakes.

Total win, right?

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that today marks the official start day of Jade MacRury, the serious student of life.

I’ll be writing about the things I come across.

Quotes that resonate with me.

News that trigger emotional reactions.

Dreams and ambitions.

Books that I read.

Songs that I hear.

Poems that make me smile.

People I meet. 

Places I see. 

Events I experience.

This journal would hold the essence of my days and if my life resonates with yours, then come join me as I live it.

I’ll share it with you.