someone hugging a tree

Making Love Not War…With Trees?

Guess what I’m doing just now?

Reading up on ecosexuality and dendrophilia

Yes, I’m really doing it. And yes, it’s really a thing!

Now, why am I reading this?

Have I decided to completely change the tone of this journal and decided to do some extreme form of adulting?


Have I decided to come out of my decidedly wooden (AKA made of trees) closet? 


Have I decided to admit to anyone who stumbles upon this blog that I have a hitherto unknown sexual fetish?

Ha ha. Nope!

So, what really gives?

Well, remember when I said that I sometimes get these flashes of intuition, thought or whatever you want to call it? And that I’ve decided to be more responsive to them?

By saying yes. #obvs

That’s all this really is.

This is what happened, right?

On the way back home from the GP, Little Son and I came across this beautiful clearing, sandwiched in between a castle and some modern buildings. It was just tucked away in its own little corner. It even had a wee light streaming on it from a small gap in the grey Scottish clouds.

And I instantly get these little flashes of insight. One after the other, as if I were using those old projection stories film cards.

My first flash: What a peaceful scene!

My second: It’s even got it’s own tree dominating the scene. And because it’s autumn, there are leaves on the ground. Completely idyllic.

My third: This would be such a nice spot for a picnic. I might mention something to my husband about it and when the weather is nice, we’ll take the wee one and just all go there. Have a picnic under the tree. Maybe do a spot of climbing. How nice!

My fourth: I imagine a lot of people would love to climb that tree.

My fifth (and the aha moment): Wait! Didn’t I read about this guy who had sex with a tree? I better find out more about that.

And here I am at 1PM, learning more about the complexity of ecosexuality / ecofetishism, which seems to be a movement that encompasses a whole gamut of human experience: “Some people want to be pleasured in nature. Others have relationships with nature. Some see it as a political statement about eco-friendly sex or eco-friendly practices, or as an environmentalist stance. It’s a diverse community.

I find it completely fascinating.

As someone who is admittedly far more comfortable with thoughts rather than emotions, I am still honestly (pleasantly) surprised that not only did I marry but that I also gave birth to a child (and that I love both father and son without reservation).

So anyway, the idea of expanding love to encompass trees in this way is completely new to me and, having sat here in silence by myself for a half hour or so turning it over in my head, still rather unimaginable.

I’ve been called a tree hugger in the past (cheers, Roger Lindewall! I’ll never forget you. :-D) for being an environmentalist but I gotta admit, I don’t think I’ve ever crossed the line from being passionate about saving them to being passionately sexual with them.

It just doesn’t do it for me.

Of course, this is all just my thoughts jumping from one flash to the next. 

And I honestly don’t care what turns people on – or off. (Well, I suppose, except for my husband.)

I’ve long subscribed to the notion that as long as nobody gets hurt and full consent is given between (among?) all involved, then everything is fair in love and sex.

So, whatever floats your boat, right?

Oh, but if you know a thing or two about this topic (more than the bare minimum that I do anyway), do please share your experience in the comments section below. 

Keep learning, keep growing, remember?