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Goal Setting Exercise – 2019

“When the WHY gets stronger, the HOW gets easier.” – Jim Rohn

5 Things I’m already proud of:

1. Live A Blissful Life gets over 10,000 pageviews a month

2. Live A Blissful Life ranks page 1 on Google for 5 keywords

3. I’m raising a beautiful boy with the most beautiful soul

4. I’m now living in Scotland with my husband and son, exactly as I had envisioned.

5. I’ve achieved the dreams I wrote down in my vision notebook.

50 Goals for the next 10 Years

One Year

1. Get Live A Blissful Life into Mediavine.

2. Officially launch The Next Exotic Beach.

3. Go on a short cruise with my family.

4. Spend 6 months in Uist.

5. Enrol Gabe in a Gaelic Nursery.

6. Stay overnight in a castle.

7. Set up my will.

Three Years

8. Earn £20,000 pcm from my online business.

9. Spend 6 months in Germany and finally cement my German fluency.

10. Attend an intensive Gaelic course and be fluent in it.

11. Spend 1 year in Australia.

12. Spend 1 year in the Philippines.

13. Spend 6 months in Ireland.

14. Be fluent in Irish.

15. Walk Hadrian’s Wall.

16. Touch Stonehenge.

17. Learn a musical instrument (vilion, piano or guitar).

18. Publish a book.

19. Set up a retirement fund for our parents.

20. Get 100,000 pageviews per calendar month for Live A Blissful Life.

Five Years

21. Spend at least 6 months in France.

22. Spend at least 6 months in Spain.

23. Be fluent in Spanish.

24. Learn the tango.

25. Learn flamenco.

26. Spend 6 months in Montana.

27. Spend 6 months in Canada.

28. Build our own tiny house.

29. Pay all our debts (parents).

30. Pay our debts (in-laws).

31. Go to Rhodes with my family. 

32. Learn Greek.

33.  Go on an around the world trip with my family.

Ten Years

34. Learn Chinese (probably Mandarin).

35. Learn Kendo in Japan.

36. Be fluent Japanese.

37. Save £10,000 for LS.

38. Hire a cruise ship for a family event.

39. Spend 6 months in Hawaii.

40. Learn hula.

41. Spend 3 months in Cancun.

42. Go to the North Pole.

43. Go to Machu Picchu.

44. Learn how to sail a boat.

45. Buy a resort.

46. Sell a resort.

47. Be featured in Oprah (or the magazine).

48. Meet Jack Canfield.

49. Set up trust funds for my son and the children in my family.

50. Learn Kung Fu in China.